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May, 2023

Brooking Technologies Logo

Brookings Technologies Gains New Ownership

In the spring of 2023, Jeff Schwartz, along with a management team that is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the police and emergency vehicle market, purchased an existing distribution company for the emergency vehicle market.

May, 2023

BTL – Best Technology Lighting

Brooking Technologies changes its name to Best Technology Lighting in order to better align our branding with our mission.

June, 2023

Begin Revamping Product Line

BTL begins to completely revamp and modernize our entire line-up of products in order to truly make them Best Technology Lighting.

September, 2023

New Warehouse and Office Space

BTL moves into a brand new warehouse in St. Augustine, FL in order to better serve our customers and provide world class customer service and product availability.

November, 2023

Online Configurator Development

In an effort to be on the cutting edge of technology in all areas, BTL has begun development of an online vehicle configuration tool. Soon you will be able to plan and price each install with ease.

April, 2024

Teaser Catalog Drops

BTL drops our first teaser catalog for our new line-up of products. Orders are open and our new warehouse is put through the paces.

Q2 2024

Launch Day

After a year of hard work, innovation, and deep development, the new Better Technology Lighting will launch. With updated and state of the art products, new website, and a custom vehicle configurator tool the BTL website will become the standard for emergency lighting.

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