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Construction Vehicle LED Warning Lights

Construction Vehicle LED Warning Lights


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An unfortunate reality when it comes to your road construction crew is that everyone that passes by them sees them as a nuisance. The amber warning lights are blinding. The crew seems to be just standing around. The traffic is horrible. Why, oh why, did your crew have to fix the roads in this place at this time?

What they don’t see is the long hours and incredibly unsafe work conditions that your crew experiences every day. They risk their lives for the sake of bettering the roads and bringing home a paycheck to their families. Your crew is filled with great individuals just trying to make a living. 

Safe operations is not an option. Over a thousand construction workers die every year due to accidents. With the right LED lighting on your construction vehicle or commercial vehicle, you can help mitigate that problem.

What Construction Vehicle LED Lights are Available?

With the evolution of the LED light, you can rest assured that there are amber light options for each commercial vehicle or utility truck in your fleet. One size doesn’t fit all, so knowing which LED light and lightbar to choose from can keep your crew productive and safe each day. 

Full Size LED Light Bar

The larger the utility truck, the larger the LED lightbar. These emergency vehicle lights have a 360 degrees direction that can provide ample lighting around the truck for your construction crew. Equipping your construction vehicle with a light bar not only provides light for the crew when they are working, but it doubles as a beacon or as amber emergency lights so that motorists are aware that they are approaching a construction site. This is one of the most expensive lighting options, but when it comes to the safety of your crew and your bottom line, preventing accidents is a worthy place to splurge.

Mini Light Bar

The mini LED light bar is significantly smaller than the full size LED light bar and will save you upfront costs. The mini LED light bar is often more versatile as they can be attached with a magnet mount or screwed directly into the roof of the construction vehicle. They provide similar lighting as the Full size light bar except that they are more compact, take up less space, and have a built-in blind spot as they don’t have the same 360-degree directional lighting that the full-size LED light bar would have. Still, they are the best choice for smaller construction vehicles or temporary installations.

Dash lights

Your visor lights or indoor LED light bar can be a more affordable option than the roof-mounted LED light bars. They are more compact and can have a very targeted bright light that can still illuminate your worksite and also make motorists aware that you are performing work in the area. These lights are almost invisible when not in use, so they’re an excellent option for vehicles that are not exclusively used on the construction site. They come as small light bars that hide toward the front of your dash or as miniature light bars that hide on top of your visor.

LED Strobe Light

Strobe lights and LED beacon light fixtures can be mounted anywhere on your utility vehicle for whatever need that may arise. A strobe light packs a powerful punch in a compact setting. They are perfect for lighting up your workspace. Place your LED strobe flashing lights strategically around your vehicle to ensure that you have a bright light ready to illuminate your workspace however you park. This will create a safer environment for your crew so that they can make it home that night.

LED Work Lights

LED work or scene lights can be fixed to your truck or commercial vehicle to illuminate a much larger space so that you can have brighter, more practical lighting for your construction site.

Knowing your options can help you create a safer working environment for your construction crew. Emergency lighting and effective work lights can save lives and support productivity.

When to Use Each Light?

Now that you have an idea of the lights available for your fleet, becoming aware of when and how they should be used is necessary. LED lights are incredibly bright and can be a safety hazard on the road or your construction site without knowing how or when to properly use them.

Follow the Law

Each state has different rules regarding construction and emergency vehicle LED warning light and work light use. Contact your local enforcement agencies so that you can familiarize yourself with everything required before getting hefty fees from highway patrol. Not only will it help you prevent fees, but it will keep your crew and passing motor vehicles safe. 

Job Site Safety

While on the construction site, you will need to make sure that your LED strobe lights and work lights are positioned in a way that will not blind traffic. Your commercial vehicle and construction vehicle lights can be a significant safety hazard even when their intended use is trying to avoid a hazard. Make sure that your lights are correctly installed, and your crew is fully trained to operate them.

Varying Teams

Each team will likely have different tasks resulting in the need for different styles of lights and brightness. Technicians will need incredible amounts of light to make sure that they’re doing their work right. At the same time, those pouring asphalt might be able to get away with a more dim atmosphere. That is to say, don’t skimp on your lighting but also recognize that some teams need more light than others. Ensuring that the proper lighting is used can help prevent mistakes on the job site that will cost even more to fix. Road construction is best if only done once. You are paid once then fined for additional hours if not completed. Creating the right work environment that gets the job done correctly is an excellent way to ensure that resources are allocated correctly, and money is saved.


By now, you have probably already called your accountant to see if you can afford to purchase new LED lights for your fleet. While that is always a good idea, make sure you consider your practical needs.

For instance, there is no reason to install dozens of strobe and work lights around your construction vehicle if you have a full size LED light bar on top. While you might still need more targeted lighting for more intricate work, pouring asphalt or laying down cones may not require half a dozen extra LED strobe lights. Understanding the job needs is key.

Also, consider the vehicle. A large full size LED light bar will not be all that practical sitting on top of a small pickup truck that is intended mainly for transferring your crew from the yard to the job site. Opting for a smaller, mini led light bar that can easily be removed and placed in another vehicle in your fleet might be the way to go. This option is cheaper and more practical. You might also want to consider dash lights, grille lights, or visor lights. These options will use less power and keep your construction vehicles on the road for a more extended period of time. 

Say the price is no option, and you want the best of the best for each and every vehicle; before consulting with your LED light specialists, look at all the vehicles in your fleet. Assess their size and intended use so that you can make an educated decision regarding your light needs. Some of the vehicles in your fleet may not even have the power or space available for you to cover in safety lights. 

Being practical isn’t always fun, but at the end of the day, having just the right amount of lighting can save you money and prevent accidents from happening.

Get LED Lights for Your Construction Vehicles

Now that you are fully aware and educated on everything is to know about LED lights for your commercial vehicles, brush up on your local laws and make a decision for your fleet. Your crew’s safety depends on your good choices, and this decision will definitely save someone’s life. If you can reduce the yearly deaths and injuries that happen on construction sites every year, you owe it to your crew to do so.

Consult with your LED light experts that can get your entire fleet fitted and road-worthy in no time. Your crew and community will thank you.

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