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How to Pick the Best Fleet Fuel Card for Your Business

How to Pick the Best Fleet Fuel Card for Your Business

Fuel is an ongoing expense that fluctuates depending on the market. Using a fleet fuel card to manage and charge fuel expenses is the best way to track how much you pay in fuel every month. Utilizing a fleet fuel card is also an excellent way to maximize your fuel costs, as many fleet fuel cards offer rewards that can impact your bottom line.

Choosing a fleet fuel card is not the same as choosing a credit card for personal expenses. In most cases, a fleet fuel card can only be used for specific fuel-related expenses, such as filling up with gas or covering certain purchases. Fleet fuel cards also offer added security and tracking features to help with fleet management.

There are several factors to consider when deciding which fleet fuel card to get. Our top picks for fleet fuel cards can help you streamline business operations, monitor spending, and save your business valuable time and money.

Why Do You Need a Fleet Fuel Card for Your Company?

Fleet fuel cards are a good idea for any company that operates using a fleet. Any business that requires vehicles on the road for their operations should consider getting a fleet fuel card. These cards offer a convenient and cost-effective way for fleet drivers to expense their fuel. At the same time, fleet fuel cards give employers visibility into how drivers are spending money and prevent fraud through real-time tracking and reporting.

Here are some benefits of using a fleet fuel card:

  • A fleet fuel card will simplify employee spending and reporting
  • You can easily track monthly, quarterly, and annual fuel expenses with a fleet fuel card
  • Many fleet fuel cards offer instant insight on fluctuations in the market that impact your expenses
  • You can enjoy rewards with discounts or other offers that can help your business save money
  • Monitor and secure employee spending with fleet fuel cards that only work at fuel pumps or maintenance shops

Fleet Fuel Cards vs. Business Cards

Many companies use business credit cards for all of their expenses and do not think they need a separate fleet fuel card. While most of these can be used to purchase fuel, they are not always the best option for companies that want to monitor and track their fuel expenses closely. This is where a fleet fuel card can be a benefit.

Unlike generic business cards, fleet fuel cards can be set up to capture specific transaction data, including driver ID information and mileage. The data points you get from a fleet fuel card can ensure you know who is making fuel purchases and how many miles you are getting per gallon. In contrast, a traditional business card will only give you the date, location, and dollar amount of a transaction.

What to Consider When Choosing a Fleet Fuel Card

It’s essential to think carefully before deciding what the best fleet fuel card is for your business. Here are some things to consider when comparing fleet fuel cards.

Where Will Your Drivers Use Their Fleet Fuel Cards?

Many fleet fuel cards are regional or local, limiting the locations where your drivers can use them. Think about which stations your drivers frequent before you choose a fleet fuel card. If your fleet travels all over, you will want to look for a fleet fuel card that is widely accepted at stations across the country or even around the world.

What Does the Fleet Fuel Card Cost?

Some fleet fuel cards come with annual fees or other costs. Read the fine print, and make sure you understand all fees associated with a fleet fuel card before signing up for one.

Do You Need Vehicle Integrations with Your Fleet Fuel Card?

If you love data, you will want to look for a fleet fuel card that integrates with your vehicle. These fleet fuel cards can show you important information, such as how much you’re paying per mile and other fuel economy calculations. You can also monitor trends and investigate irregular purchases quickly using fleet fuel card data. Some fleet fuel cards allow you to set daily threshold limits and alert you if a driver attempts to charge an amount above the threshold.

What Controls Do You Want with Your Fleet Fuel Card?

Many fleet fuel cards offer controls that let you monitor who is using the card and what they are buying with it. Make a list of all the controls you would like to put into place with your fleet fuel card. Then, match that list with available fleet fuel cards to choose one that fits your requirements.

Will the Fleet Fuel Card Save You Money?

Some fleet fuel cards offer discount pricing for cardholders, which can reduce how much you spend on fuel every month. The savings from these fleet fuel cards can quickly add up.

Which Fleet Fuel Card is Best for Your Business?

Here are four of the top fleet fuel cards on the market today. Compare them to see which fleet fuel card makes the most sense for your needs.

Arco Fleet Business Solutions Fuel Fleet Cards

Arco has two options for fleet fuel cards—ARCO Business Solutions Fuel Card and ARCO Business Solutions Mastercard®. The first option only works at ARCO locations, while the second one will work at any fueling station in the country that accepts Mastercard. The Mastercard fleet fuel card also has maintenance purchase capability. Otherwise, the two fleet fuel cards have the same security, tracking, and control features to allow you to customize your card.

WEX Fuel Fleet Cards

Fleet fuel cards from WEX are accepted at 95 percent of locations in the U.S. These fleet fuel cards have control and security features while offering a range of discounts for travel, maintenance, fuel, and wireless expenses through the WEX EDGE Savings Network. See which locations accept WEX fleet fuel cards by visiting their website.

ExxonMobil™ BusinessPro™ Fuel Fleet Cards

If you’re looking for a way to save at the pump, consider the BusinessPro fleet fuel card from ExxonMobil. With this fleet fuel card, drivers save six cents per gallon every time they fuel. Additionally, drivers can fill up with Synergy fuels using their fleet fuel cards. These fuels are designed to improve fuel efficiency. Exxon Mobil’s fleet fuel cards are accepted at 95 percent of fill-up stations in the U.S. and will send real-time alerts whenever one of your team members uses their fleet fuel card.

Shell Global Fuel Fleet Cards

The international corporation Shell has fuel fleet cards that can be used at over 150,000 Shell locations worldwide. Additionally, Shell fleet fuel card carriers are eligible for service discounts at over 20,000 Shell maintenance shops. They have three fleet fuel card options, ensuring that everyone from small business owners to global corporations can find a fleet fuel card that fits their needs.

In Conclusion

The above cards are among the top fleet fuel cards that businesses across the United States use. Once you have a good idea of what you want from a fleet fuel card, compare your options to get the best fleet fuel card for your business.

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