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Protect Your Career and Family | How To Deal With A Badge Bunny

Protect Your Career and Family | How To Deal With A Badge Bunny


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Policemen and firemen both wear badges. They also have a very unique problem that can sometimes deeply affect their lives and have a negative impact on their families. Badge bunnies and beat wives are nothing new. They both target law enforcement officers and firemen because they are attracted to the lifestyle and notoriety that accompanies a badge and all that it represents. Law enforcement officers will run into badge bunnies many times throughout their careers. It’s important to take precautions so you don’t get caught up in the badge bunny’s trap.

The Mystique of the Badge

Badges are made of metal and they come in many different shapes. There is a mystique about them that draws women to whoever may be wearing them. Policemen and firemen alike quickly become targets as soon as the badge is pinned on their uniform. Most badge bunnies have little concern for an officer’s marital status and will blatantly pursue them even though it is widely known that they are married. All they want to gain is the attention of the officer. Most will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal, including breaking up a marriage or a long-term relationship.

The Movie Industry Makes It Worse

One of the things that has the most damaging effect in this type of situation is the movie stars that are chosen to play cops and firefighters on television and in the movies. Many of these actors are well-built and do all or most of their own stunts. They are given free rein to create an unrealistic representation of what a police officer looks and acts like. It’s true that some may mirror the true image of a police officer, but the majority of characters are fictitious in every way. No cop can be that perfect and that incredibly athletic every day, all the time. There is much more to the life of a cop than what is portrayed on television.

What Is a Badge Bunny?

From what people see in the movies, it’s easy to believe that law enforcement officers live a fast-paced, event-filled that is full of guts and glory and all of the perks you can imagine. There’s no doubt as to why a badge bunny would want to be with a peace officer. After all, they have hero status and everyone looks at them to save the day. A badge bunny is a woman who is attracted to the badge, the uniform, and the air of excitement that surrounds a law enforcement officer or firefighter. Badge bunnies will often still pursue an officer even after they learn that he is married. They have no concern for the officer or his family and even less concern for his career.

Different Types

You have three primary types of badge stalkers. You have the badge bunnies who will pursue a police officer relentlessly, no matter what the cost. You also have what are known as beat wives. Beat wives are more long-term affairs, normally within someone along the officer’s “beat” or patrol area. An officer’s car doesn’t really look out of place when sitting in front of a home where he usually patrols. While it may not go unnoticed, it wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary for the cop to say he was checking on someone in the area.

Women aren’t the only ones who chase a person in uniform. Men are also known to be infatuated by women in uniform. These predators are sometimes referred to as holster sniffers. No matter what form they take or what methods they use to try and attach themselves to an officer, they will eventually end up being bad news. The stress between the officer and his family or the officer and his job just isn’t worth it.

True Intentions

Many times an officer won’t comprehend a badge bunny’s true intentions until she shows up at the police station or is caught trying to contact his wife. Even a simple exchange of personal information can lead to ongoing problems that can not only wreck a marriage but end a career as well. A badge bunny may set their sites on an officer, following them around until they find just the right time to lure them into a trap. A seasoned officer may notice the signs that a badge bunny is on the hunt, but rookies may not. Listen to your fellow officers if they notice something is amiss and try to give you a warning. They have been around and know the routine.

More Than Just Friends

Before handing out phone numbers or other personal information, officers should spend time getting to know the girls that approach them. Take your time and keep your personal info to yourself. The less interested you seem, the more likely it is that a badge bunny will move on to another target. Most will start the conversation by saying they just want friendship. The longer you keep them in the “friend zone”, the more likely it is that their true colors will start to show.

Online Dating Sites Are Prime Hunting Grounds

Online dating sites are prime hunting grounds for badge bunnies. Most cops are proud of their profession and will put a picture of themselves in uniform front and center on their profile. This will pique a badge bunny’s interest quickly and efficiently. If you want to explore online dating, don’t put pictures of yourself in uniform on your profile and don’t display any personal information or identifiers that would label you as an officer.

Badge Bunnies Wear Badges Too?

It’s crazy to think that there are badge bunnies that actually wear badges too. Believe it or not, there are many law enforcement officers, both male and female, who are strongly attracted to their co-workers. Good or bad, they will do everything they can, sometimes to the point of stalking, to attract the attention of the object of affection. This can cause tension throughout the police department and put the careers of both officers on the fast track to destruction.

Cop Groupies

Everyone looks for a place they can hang out with friends or co-workers after they finish their shift. Cop groupies will go to the local cop bar around the time that shifts are changing. They offer a listening ear to cops who want someone to talk to in the hopes of making a connection. It doesn’t matter if the officer is married or not. Just being seen with them in a “compromising” situation can give a girl a reputation that she has an “in” with the police. These badge bunnies may not be looking for a relationship, but a one-night stand with an officer may give them a rush.

Protect Your Personal Information

As a law enforcement officer, you deal with a hectic schedule, stressful interactions, and the baggage that comes with the job. On top of that, you have to maintain a healthy work/life balance. The last thing you need is a “friend” who calls you at home and starts trouble with your family. Being a police officer’s wife is no easy task. While you know there will be people who truly will benefit from having a police officer to turn to, it can be difficult to tell them apart from the members of the bunny brigade who are just trying to start trouble. Never, never, never hand out your personal information. If you feel it’s important, give them the phone number of the department and they can leave you a message.

Avoid Falling for the “I Need a Friend” Routine

Everyone needs a friend. Badge bunnies will often use this technique if they have been arrested for something minor like drugs or alcohol. Throwing out the “if I could only get into rehab” or “I just don’t have anyone to turn to” as a last ditch attempt at winning you over. While it may be tempting to sit down and share a beverage or get to know them a little better, don’t get too close. It’s important to get to know a person gradually. Your career in law enforcement is one that you will have to continually work on if you want to be successful. One misstep with a badge bunny and you could lose everything you have worked so hard to earn.

Maintain Open Communication With Your Spouse

If you are married, it’s important to talk to your wife about things that are happening. If a badge bunny is trying to get close to you, they may try to get close to your wife and kids. While this isn’t always the case, it can happen. It will all depend on what their motives are and what they are trying to achieve. Don’t take it for granted that your wife will automatically understand. Make sure she is aware of all the things that happen on your shift. No surprises means that no one will be able to blindside her with half-truths and fictional stories. She deals with enough stress watching you walk out the door each morning. Dealing with badge bunnies should be the least of her worries.

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