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The Best Fleet Management Software


The Best Fleet Management Software

Any business that operates a fleet needs fleet management software to stay organized and efficient. With fleet management software, you can digitally monitor and track your fleet while receiving important analytics that can help you make more informed business decisions.

What is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software is a software as a service (SaaS). Digital car fleet management software helps fleet business owners and managers keep track of their fleet through analytics, behavior monitoring, maintenance alerts, and GPS tracking.

Fleet management software is a growing industry. In 2019, its market size was $14.59 billion. By 2027, it is expected to reach $50.09 billion. Companies that use fleet management software include logistic service providers, trucking companies, and any business that relies on a fleet of vehicles for their operations. Companies in food delivery, retail, e-commerce, courier services, and more are more efficient thanks to fleet management software.

How Can Fleet Management Software Help You?

Fleet management software helps companies become more efficient. It allows management to analyze behavior, track vehicles, stay on top of maintenance, and improve overall fleet operations. Additionally, fleet management software includes tracking software that monitors driver behavior, keeps tabs on fuel expenses, automatically creates efficient routes for drivers, and schedules maintenance for every vehicle.

What Features Should Your Fleet Management Software Include?

Fleet management software helps companies become more efficient. It allows management to analyze behavior, track vehicles, stay on top of maintenance, and improve overall fleet operations. Additionally, fleet management software includes tracking software that monitors driver behavior, keeps tabs on fuel expenses, automatically creates efficient routes for drivers, and schedules maintenance for every vehicle.

There are several features to consider when shopping for fleet management software. These are some of the critical elements your fleet management software should include for maximum ROI.

  • GPS tracking: See where every vehicle and team member is in real-time.
  • Dispatch management: Assign driver routes and track driver status. Get real-time alerts anytime a driver encounters a challenge on the road.
  • Integration: Fleet management that integrates with existing software can make it easy to manage every aspect of your business.
  • Two-way messaging: Communication between dispatchers and drivers is critical. Drivers can instantly send information needed to dispatch invoices, payroll, and other processes.
  • Employee management: Create, track, and manage employee schedules and availability. Make notes about employee performance and concerns.
  • Vehicle performance tracking: Keep detailed records of fleet vehicle performance, including maintenance, preventative maintenance, fleet performance, and fuel usage.
  • VIN lookup: Search for any fleet vehicle using a vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Cost control: Get reports about vehicle maintenance, fuel, and other costs.
  • Safety features: Some fleet management software comes with dashcams, which can improve driver safety and streamline accident reporting.
  • Consolidate insurance and warranty details: It can be challenging to store insurance and warranty details for each vehicle manually. Keep them all in one convenient location and get alerts when an insurance policy is about to renew or a warranty is about to expire.

Who are the Top Companies in the Software Market?

There are dozens of fleet management software companies on the market that can help you manage your fleet. You can reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and have instant access to important analytics that will help you run your operation more efficiently.

Compare the vehicle fleet management software companies listed below to choose the best fleet management software for your business.

Best Fleet Management Software Companies

This out-of-the-box solution does not require Bluetooth pairing or app downloads. All your drivers need to do is plug their in-cab vehicle transponder into the dashboard. From there, you will have real-time visibility into all of your drivers’ movements while they are on the road. Dash cameras protect your drivers and can be useful for insurance claims. Drivers receive coaching to improve their performance when they are performing unsafe driving moves. Carmalink also sends vehicle maintenance reports for odometer updates and engine failures. The truck routing feature automatically avoids construction zones, restricted roads, and other hazards that can reduce efficiency.

This web-based mobile fleet management software system offers dispatchers and managers a 360-degree view of all operations. You can monitor fuel consumption data, planned maintenance, service availability, compliance, and more. Drivers can complete inspections without paperwork using the intelligent mobile app eDVIR. You can also use the app to set up vehicle maintenance reminders based on inspection data and mileage. Driver management tools ensure that drivers follow all the industry rules and regulations, including taking rest breaks and keeping their vehicles within designated geographical zones. Document management keeps all necessary documentation organized and up-to-date.

Elite Extra
Elite Extra helps fleet teams manage and streamline their logistics operations. It is customizable for your workflow and can work with operations of all sizes, ranging from two to thousands of drivers. Automate routing and dispatch for maximum efficiency, or dispatch products to couriers and crowd-sourced fleets when you are short on drivers. On-demand technology allows you to connect drivers with retailers for expanded reach and revenue. Improve customer satisfaction with real-time arrival notifications, tracking numbers, and easy return portals. Elite Extra integrates with any other ERP or inventory management system along with eCommerce platforms for a streamlined full-service solution.

EROAD’s fleet management solutions help both drivers and dispatchers have a better experience. Fleet managers can monitor all operations remotely, creating a more streamlined experience for drivers, suppliers, and customers. Driver reports improve driver safety and offer coaching tips to reduce dangerous driving habits. EROAD’s in-vehicle device, Ehubo, automatically syncs with a vehicle’s engine to record how many hours a vehicle has been in service. The encrypted device is designed to operate effectively even at extreme temperatures, and it is tamper-evident. It securely transmits data that includes distance, route, and location.

Government organizations, utility companies, and universities all use FleetCommander From Agile Fleet. The company also serves fleets in other industries with at least 25 vehicles. It has options for car-sharing and motor pools to reduce paperwork. FleetCommander’s software helps companies reduce their overall fleets by at least 15 percent, saving companies valuable time and resources. All drivers and vehicles have profiles that are monitored online. Other features include data collection, fleet metrics, maintenance management, fuel expense management, telematics, billing, and personal vehicle reimbursement expense reduction.

Fleet Complete
See where all vehicles are in the field and get notified as soon as there is a collision or crash with Fleet Complete. It sends feedback about in-cab driver behavior to help fleet managers improve driver behavior and reinforce safety protocols. Fleet Complete also has an inspection app that lets drivers inspect their vehicles quickly and efficiently, sending reports to a fleet manager or mechanic. Drivers can sign off on reports through the app and have the documents sent directly to their mechanic. An online portal allows mechanics to view repair lists for vehicles.

This cloud-based transportation management system is designed for freight brokers. It allows you to track deliveries, book loads, and confirm rates in record time. It replaces manual document creation and lets you give shippers real-time tracking and tracing information, eliminating the need for getting manual status updates throughout the shipment process. The software offers margin analytics, which can help freight brokers price rates with more accuracy based on several factors, including shipper satisfaction, carrier performance, brokerage margins.

Horizon Go
Horizon Go from Melton Technologies, Inc. is a cloud-based software that connects drivers with dispatchers and administrators to streamline operations by keeping everyone in communication. This also helps customers have better insight into delivery information. It also offers dynamic reporting to help fleet managers make more informed business decisions. Horizon Go is built for now and the future, with options to help trucking companies adapt to industry changes to maximize efficiency.

ITS Dispatch
ITS Dispatch from truckstop.com helps fleet managers and operators keep their operations running smoothly. The software includes detailed reporting, unlimited load tracking, and one-click invoicing. It helps companies make more money and spend less time filling out and submitting paperwork. It has several integrations that make it easy to add ITS Dispatch to your existing suite of software.

Keep Truckin
With an AI-powered dashcam, Keep Truckin prioritizes fleet driver safety. These dash cams will identify dangerous driving patterns and provide backup evidence for accident claims. The software also includes tracking systems for equipment, trailers, and vehicles. An in-cab Wi-Fi hotspot saves money by allowing drivers to easily connect with the software to send messages, reports, and data back to dispatch. Facility insights help you organize your warehouse so you can prepare for loads and optimize drop-off and pickup times. Finally, automatic log auditing sends you alerts when it notices violations, so you can correct them in time for your DOT audit.

Locus offers multiple solutions to manage different aspects of your fleet. Use one or get them all for an end-to-end fleet management software. Monitor your fleet and track your supply chain using LocusTrack IQ (formerly MotionTrack). Use API integrations to connect Locus with your ERP and other software for a full-service solution. Locus Dispatcher creates optimized, efficient routes for every vehicle in your fleet. It is AI-powered, which frees your team up from creating schedules so they can focus on other essential business tasks. Locus IntelliSort automates the process of sorting parcels, leading to a reduction in operational costs and shipment processing time.

As its name suggests, OptimoRoute is designed to help fleet managers create the most optimal route for their drivers. With OptimoRoute, you can get automated routes and plans based on the orders you import. Create routes based on several factors, including order priority, delivery time, skills matching, and more. The software also calculates driver costs and working hours to reduce or eliminate overtime. Compare planned routes to the ones your drivers actually took to see if any discrepancies need to be addressed. Integrate OptimoRoute with other software, such as your CRM, ERP, FSM, and PoS software.

As a leader in the emerging field of the industrial internet of things (IoT), Samsara has fleet management solutions for fleets of all sizes. This all-in-one platform includes live GPS tracking with data reports that let you give customers up-to-date information about arrival time or delays. Having real-time GPS data can also help you improve your routing and make last-minute dispatch decisions. Integrated dash cameras and automatic alerts for unsafe driving practices, such as speeding, ensure your drivers’ safety. Two-way messaging keeps communication flowing between drivers and dispatch.

This end-to-end solution includes asset tracking, GPS, vehicle diagnostics, vision dashcam, IFTA automation, document management, and a weight scale bypass. Know where your drivers are at all times and how safely they are driving. Track your fleet using geofences that send alerts if a vehicle goes out of range. Live vehicle diagnostics alert you as soon as there is a maintenance issue so you can resolve it quickly.

Teletrac Navman
With options for construction, government, trucking, service, mining, and more, Teletrac Navman offers fleet management software solutions for a variety of industries. It also provides multiple packages with different solutions depending on how many features a company needs for its fleet management. Small fleets can get a package that includes vehicle tracking, a maintenance module, standard reporting, and flexible hardware. Premium versions additionally include safety analytics, an integrated dashboard camera, a dedicated account manager, and custom integrations and data reporting. Hardware is easy to install, so you can be up and running in no time.

Trimble Fleet Mobility
Driver satisfaction is Trimble Fleet Mobility’s priority. Its software is designed to improve drivers’ experience so that trucking companies can increase their employee retention rates. At the same time, it also enhances the experience for the back office by improving communication between drivers and the office and giving you real-time insight into where every vehicle is at any given time. Navigation tools reduce off-route miles and keep your fleet and supply chain moving to ensure on-time arrivals and deliveries. It offers dozens of integrations with other software platforms.

Whip Around
Whip Around is dedicated to helping fleets manage their maintenance records. You can eliminate spreadsheets and manual recording with Whip Around fleet management software. Get alerts for preventative maintenance, so your vehicles are always up-to-date. Easily store documents that you will need for record-keeping or tax purposes. The mobile app lets drivers quickly capture images on the road that may require an inspection. Whip Around integrates with other management software programs to give you a full-service solution.

GPS Tracking Fleet Management Software

Some organizations already have software in place to help with maintenance, data analysis, and record keeping. For those fleet operations, GPS fleet management software could be the ideal solution to give you a better understanding of where vehicles are located at any given time.

Azuga Fleet
This GPS tracking fleet management software also includes a dual-facing dashcam for enhanced driver protection in the event of a collision or insurance claim. Azuga Fleet monitors every action a driver takes using GPS technology. In addition to showing you the location of every vehicle, it tracks driver behaviors, such as speeding, sudden acceleration, and hard braking, so you can monitor drivers and reinforce safety behaviors.

Linxup is a commercial fleet tracking system that lets fleet managers see where all of their vehicles are while they are dispatched on the road. It is easy to install and designed to be tamper-proof. It sends customizable reports that you can use to review driver performance, fuel efficiency patterns, and route replays. Geofencing allows you to create zones for your vehicles. You will receive alerts if vehicles leave your specified area. Linxup also enables you to monitor diagnostic trouble codes so that you can ensure your vehicles are operating correctly. Choose a wireless or wire-in GPS tracker.

The telematics software from Momentum delivers the most technologically advanced GPS tracking software available. There is no need to download an app. Instead, you can access your fleet portal on any mobile or desktop device to monitor routes, set geo-locations, and get alerts if a driver is ignoring speed limits. You can group assets in multiple ways, such as by asset type, location, or by setting custom criteria.

Position Logic
This location-based fleet management solution sends real-time alerts that can help dispatchers make quick decisions. Having improved visibility into where each vehicle in a fleet is at any given time can reduce downtime for both vehicles and drivers. Position Logic also integrates with multiple professional services, giving you the ability to create a customized end-to-end fleet management solution. AI-empowered alerts can keep drivers safe and reduce human error, resulting in the avoidance of accidents. Finally, data recovery ensures that historical data is never lost. Retrieve historical information easily, even if it has been archived or otherwise lost.

Skypatrol Fleet Command
With integrated GPS tracking solutions, Skypatrol is committed to helping fleet operations keep their drivers safe. Skypatrol’s Fleet Command is a user-friendly platform that allows managers to locate their vehicles at any given time. Fleet managers will receive customized performance reports in real-time that can help them make informed decisions. Skypatrol Fleet Command can help fleet managers reduce fuel waste, reinforce good driving habits, and know when drivers are showing up late or using fleet vehicles for purposes outside of their job function.

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