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Where to Find Funding for Equipment, Training, Hiring, and Programs

Where to Find Funding for Equipment, Training, Hiring, and Programs - Brooking Industries

Where to Find Funding for Equipment, Training, Hiring, and Programs


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Law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency management services operate on tight budgets. Calls for the defunding of these departments have left many without the monetary resources they need to continue to operate effectively. Thankfully, many departments have not been affected by extreme budget cuts, but even they can experience financial deficits from time to time. There are many ways to get additional funding. Some require an extensive application process. Other types of funding, like fundraisers and social events, make it possible to raise money within the community.

Why Funding Is Needed

It’s a well-known fact that law enforcement agencies, emergency management services, and fire departments are on tight budgets. While much of what they need is provided as part of their local government funding, new equipment must be purchased to replace the old and outdated devices must be replaced with newer more technologically advanced devices. Much of this is often outside of the existing budget. This means funding from outside sources may be needed to keep the agencies running as efficiently as possible. Sometimes, funding can be obtained through grant funding. It can also be gained through private donations.

Who Can Benefit From Obtaining Different Types of Funding

Police departments, law enforcement agencies, emergency management services and fire departments are able to benefit from many types of outside funding. The public also benefits. These agencies work to maintain public safety throughout the community. It prevents devastating loss of property and ensures residents are protected from many different issues. Agencies can take advantage of any funding opportunity that allows them to pursue their goals of protecting the communities they serve.

Different Sources of Funding

In the United States, most of the funds that allow emergency management services, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and homeland security offices to operate come from government sources. The forest service also runs off of government funding. Local government offices provide assistance as much as they can in terms of their community EMS departments and employees.

  • Federal – Federal financial assistance can be requested over and above the agency’s original funding amount. A homeland security grant program may be able to help certain agencies if the request is for technical assistance or cybersecurity needs.
  • State – At the state level, federal grants can be applied for as well as funds from the state. State agencies can fill out a grant application if they want to be considered for additional funding.
  • County – County agencies receive funding from the state and in some cases, federal financial assistance. These agencies can also apply for funding through nonprofit organizations
  • Private – Nonprofit organizations as well as other private donors allow law enforcement agencies and other public safety departments to apply for larger donations. Some are in the form of grants while other funding may come in the form of a one-time donation.
  • Personal Donations – In many communities, there are citizens who go above the call of duty and will raise money for a specific cause. A good example is the young boy in Ohio who has raised over $500,000 for law enforcement agencies to purchase vests for their K9s.

Different Types of Funding

Law enforcement agencies have access to many types of funding outside of what is budgeted for them by local government and other funding programs. Community-oriented policing services like Civil Defense often receive their funding through recurring grants and emergency response grants for agencies that pick up where law enforcement and fire departments leave off.

  • Grants – An assistance grant can help to purchase necessary safety equipment as well as other supplies that make an officer’s job easier.
  • Recurring Grants – Recurring grants can be applied for that will allow for new training programs as they are updated. If a fire department or other agency is approved for a recurring grant, it means that they will receive the funding they are approved for at specific intervals.
  • Single Contributions – Single contributions in the form of gifts are sometimes donated to law enforcement agencies or fire departments. An individual may name the department in their will or make a donation after receiving some type of aid.
  • Emergency Response Grant – An emergency response grant may provide assistance to a department if they have been overwhelmed after assisting the public during a natural disaster or other types of catastrophic event.
  • Firefighters Grant – A firefighters grant is often used to train new recruits or to ensure they have all of the necessary equipment they need to be proficient in their duties.
  • Law Enforcement Grant – A law enforcement grant can be used to supply officers with the tools they need or to fund programs that will allow them to offer assistance to the community.
  • Economic Development Grant – Economic development grants are also available to help communities that are growing to provide the necessary EMS resources.
  • Hosting Social Events – Hosting public challenge events where departments take part in athletic challenges or hosting a local fundraiser like a Fireman’s/Policeman’s Ball will help to raise money for additional expenses that may not be covered by the budget.

There are many ways to raise money. Every department and agency is different in the type of funding they can use. Grants are the most obvious option but they are not the only option. It’s important for the agency to know which method serves its purpose best.

What Can Funds Be Used For?

Funds can be used to finance many different programs. The money can be used to update outdated equipment, provide additional training, purchase extra supplies, or any number of things that are required for law enforcement and firefighters to do their jobs. The money can also be used to help officers who have been involved in shooting events by getting them the counseling they need. While their healthcare insurance may cover these programs, the initial care they receive may not be enough, especially if PTSD is part of their diagnosis.

Different Supported Programs

Many of the following programs are supported by grants and funds raised outside the scope of an agency’s budget. Without the funds offered by outside sources, many of these programs would not exist.

  • Drug Abuse
  • Substance Abuse
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Behavioral Health Programs
  • Domestic Violence
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Fire Prevention
  • Necessary Equipment
  • K-9 Training
  • PTSD Recovery for Officers
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Specialized Services
  • Mental Health Awareness

Applying for Funding

Applying for funding is as easy as filling out a grant application or submitting a request for consideration. You will need to do your research on who provides funds for which type of agency. It’s important to include all of the information about the agency, the amount of funding that is needed, and what the money will be used for. Include as much information as possible so that the organization providing the funds will have a better idea of how their money will be used.

Asking the Public

Asking the public for financial support can be frustrating, especially when certain groups would rather see them stripped of funding altogether. The best way to handle this type of request is to host a community event and invite the public to attend. Community challenges and public galas are just two of the most common ways departments humanize themselves to those they serve.


Community fundraisers are put together by residents who appreciate the fact that officers and firefighters risk their lives in service every day. Many work to find out what is needed and hold annual fundraisers to help local agencies and departments get the things they need on a regular basis or if they have an emergency.

Giving Back to the Community

When law enforcement agencies and fire departments are supported by their communities, they are able to return the favor by being able to attend certain events and support local events. Many officers continue to protect and serve even when they are off duty. Just because they are not in uniform doesn’t diminish the oath they took to help protect others.

If you want to learn more about how to find funding, you can check out many websites out there like Apex Officer. There are many sources of funding over and above what is offered through grants and federal financial assistance programs. With all of the controversy surrounding certain events, many people are realizing just how important our police officers and firefighters are to our communities.

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