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Why choose LED lighting technology for Emergency Vehicles

Why choose LED lighting technology for Emergency Vehicles

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your emergency vehicle fleet with new, superior lighting or you’re preparing to purchase new emergency vehicles and want to outfit them with technologically advanced lights, LED lighting is by far your best choice. Here are 5 Reasons why LED Lighting is superior to any other type of lighting:

1 – Enhanced Safety

LED lights are incredibly bright and clear, significantly increasing the visibility of any emergency vehicle and thus increasing the safety for both your people and the general public. LED lights are much more visible than any other type of lighting in all weather conditions including fog, rain, sleet, and snow. When working in severe weather LED lighting is the safest choice.

2 – Durability

With fewer internal parts and no filament to burn out, LED lights last far longer than any other type of emergency lighting. They also function perfectly under extremely cold conditions and are highly damage resistant. For fleet managers, LED lighting is the height of cost-efficiency. Durable and long-lasting, the need to replace LED lights will be significantly lower, lowering replacement costs and giving fleet managers more control over their budgets.

3 – Energy Efficiency

Emergency vehicles draw a lot of electricity, no doubt. Interior and exterior lighting, sound, and emergency equipment can add up to a massive electrical draw. LED lights use significantly less electricity than all other types of lighting, reducing the load on a vehicle’s battery and alternator and freeing-up electricity for more vital electrical devices and functions.

4 – Pure Color

Most emergency vehicle lighting relies on colored plastic encasements to provide their color. These can and do fade over time and become far less visible, creating an unsafe working environment. LED lights create the exact, pure color desired without colored plastic, increasing their visibility substantially and reducing fade to an absolute minimum. With LED, red, white, blue, and yellow lights are always clear, deep, and pure.

5 – Friendly to the Environment

Recyclable and non-toxic, LED lights also have a much longer life, making them the most environmentally friendly lighting choice for your entire fleet. Since they last longer the need for replacement will decrease substantially, creating less waste. Since they are non-toxic they can be easily and quickly replaced without the need for specialized devices or service.

Why You Should Order Your Emergency Vehicle Fleet’s LED Lighting from Brooking

At Brooking we offer state-of-the-art LED lighting for a wide range of emergency vehicles and applications. Our mission is to outfit your emergency vehicle fleet with top-quality, durable lighting that increases visibility significantly and creates a safe environment under every condition and situation.

We also understand the needs of an emergency fleet, including the people who drive those vehicles daily and put their lives on the line. That includes the hard-working men and women of law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services, public works, and federal agencies of all types. It also includes school buses and mass transit vehicles, all of which must be ready to serve the public and ensure their safety at all times.

To that end, we offer the following services and warranties on all of our products:

Superior Reliability

Brooking has a defective rate that’s constantly under 2%, which is extremely low in any situation. When you also consider that the vast majority of our lights are mounted on the exterior of hard-working emergency vehicles and are thus exposed to the elements 24/7, our 2% defective rate looks even better.

Competitive, Affordable Pricing for Emergency Vehicle Fleets of Every Size

Here at Brooking, we realize that all fleets are not the same size and neither is a fleet manager’s budget. We price all of our LED lighting products with the needs of smaller fleets in mind, especially those fleets that have a smaller or stricter working budget. For larger fleets, our pricing means that your budgets stretch much further, allowing for the addition of more lighting that can increase safety for both your people and the public at large.

Brooking’s 5-Year Hassle-Free Warranty

When a vehicle is down it reduces your fleet’s readiness and also public safety. At Brooking, we offer a hassle-free 5-year warranty on every product we manufacture. Our promise to you is the fast, efficient replacement of any defective Brooking product with absolutely no red-tape. In this way, we can ensure that your vehicles get back out on the road as soon as possible. We replace the part and diagnose it on our time, not yours so that there’s no delay putting your vehicle back out on the job.

A Wide-Range of Emergency Vehicle Products

Brooking offers a product range that covers practically the entire spectrum of emergency vehicle needs and we’re adding to our line all the time. Whatever your fleet needs chances are we have it ready and in stock.

Meeting and Exceeding Compliance

The vast majority of our LED light products as well as our other emergency vehicle products either meet or exceed strict SAE and E10 compliance regulations. If you’re interested in seeing our test results please let us know as they are available upon request.

Ordering Lead Times

At Brooking, we ship most orders within 48 hours of their receipt. The only exception is when our certified technicians must assemble a particular product to order. In this cased shipping and delivery would be somewhere between 1 to 4 weeks depending on our assembly schedule. Rest assured that all orders are given the importance and delivery speed they deserve.

Why Brooking Should Be Your Trusted Fleet Partner

Our mission at Brooking is to provide a mutually beneficial partnership between our organization and yours, providing superior quality products and customer service with trust and ethics as our foundation. Long-lasting relationships are our goal, always, and we will do everything in our power to preserve them and gain your complete trust.

If you have any questions about our products or would like a product demo, please call our friendly customer success team at 888-439-1925 today. You can also chat with one of our team members right now if you like, using the chat-box below.

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