How To Become a Judge – Everything You Need To Know

People who enter the legal profession often do so because they have a passion for the law. The criminal justice system can be very intriguing and allows a person to take on new challenges at every turn. While many open a legal practice and begin to establish themselves as an attorney, there are others who … Read more

Best Practices for Police Emergency Vehicle Pursuit

Best Practices for Police Emergency Vehicle Pursuit

Police emergency pursuits may be exciting to watch on a television crime show, but in reality they are serious business. They are not scripted and the participants have literally no idea of what the next few seconds may hold. A police emergency pursuit is an option that most law enforcement officers would rather avoid. Law … Read more

The Future Trends in Policing

The Future Trends in Policing

Law enforcement agencies have been forced to rethink many of the policing strategies that have been used in the past. Over the past few years, incidents that involved deadly force have called into question many of the protocols agencies have had in place for many years. The cases of George Floyd and Michael Brown have … Read more

Fighting Crime – What Really Works?

Fighting Crime - What Really Works - Brooking Industries

The way a community fights crime will depend on many different things. A small rural community with very little criminal activity will handle things much differently than a large metropolitan area. While the basic premise will always be the same, the amount of funding, training, and manpower that each one has access to will be … Read more

Approaches To Crowd Management – A Law Enforcement Guide

Approaches To Crowd Management - A Law Enforcement Guide - Brooking Industries

Police officers are known as peacekeepers for a reason. Crowds gather to celebrate, to protest, and to exercise their Constitutional right to assemble. In most situations, crowds effectively maintain themselves and the police who circulate throughout are only there to offer assistance if it’s needed. There are instances, however, especially when two opposing sides gather … Read more