• Brooking Industries LED Consoles & Switches Consoles BD DC2

BD-DC2 Console


Product Number: BD-DC2


  • Mounts directly to factory mount plate
  • Slotted / grooved top located laptop stand / mount plate accommodates most manufacturer’s stands
  • Indention on driver’s side creates more seating space for the driver
  • Padded armrest (closed cell foam)
  • Large powder coated steel cup holders w/ plate
  • Optional side mount ticket book holder / pen holder
  • 3-piece filler plate kit fills gaps caused by odd-sized equipment plates
  • Outlet plate for factory 12V & USB receptacles


  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Fits 2011+ Dodge Charger
  • Mounts directly to PPV drive tunnel (Must have OEM bolts or OEM mounting base)

Each console comes with up to three equipment mounting plates to accommodate any manufacturer’s products.


  • One-piece construction
  • Lower height between seats
  • Indention on rear driver’s side keeps armrest out of
  • seating area, creating more space for the driver

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