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Tempest LED Light Bar


Product Number: VARIES BY MODEL

Safety of both officers and pedestrians is paramount, whether in pursuit of performing a roadside traffic stop. The NEW, fully programmable, low profile Tempest LED Light Bar provides powerful 360-degree output via state fo the art design, utilizing high powered LED’s and Facet-X optics, emitting high-intensity output in all directions.

Single, dual and tri-color lightheads combined with the robust PC programming software make even the most uncommon color configurations possible. The sleek, low profile design promotes aesthetics & fuel efficiency, while also reducing wind noise. A sturdy aluminum base provides rugged support & lighthead heat dissipation, with the top panel protecting the interior components from excessive UV exposure. Lenses are infused with UV protectants & chemical stabilizers, providing ultimate resistance to the harmful effects of the sun and road treatment chemicals.

Paired with a Brooking siren & speaker, the Tempest LED Light Bar is a force to be reckoned with. Available with standard FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) mounts & vehicle-specific straps and flat surface, powder-coated steel permanent mounts.

General Features:

  • User friendly PC software allows full programmability of all input wires.
  • Low profile, streamlined design maximizes fuel economy while
  • also reducing wind noise.
  • Programmability combined with single, dual & tri-color lightheads promotes adaptability.
  • Easy duplication and transfer of created settings / configurations via patent-pending S-Flash technology.
  • Intelligent ambient light sensing automatically activates low power / dim mode per user defined parameters.
  • Modern, streamlined ultra low profile design (1.69”H).
  • Heavy duty, durable aluminum chassis provides strength and efficient heat dissipation. Aluminum top protects electrical components from the negative effects of direct sunlight. 
  • UV infused polycarbonate lenses resist yellowing and cracking caused by harsh weather / road conditions.
  • New Facet-X Optics™ (patent-pending) produce brilliant, seamless output & impressive off-axis output
  • Full and half size inboard lightheads ensure contiguous population in all lengths (no blanks required to evenly split a color combination).
  • Available lengths: 44”, 48” & 54”


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