Torrent C5



Product Number: TORRENT C5

A pillar in the emergency vehicle marketplace, the Torrent continues to be a reliable & affordable option.


  • Available in single color or dual color models.
  • – Dual color modules: 12 LED (2 colors interleaved),
  • – Single color modules: 6 LED (all same color)
  • 3 progressive warning modes
  • Directional traffic control patterns included at no additional charge. Choose from several pattern styles.
  • Flash Patterns: Choose from several factory default patterns, or create custom patterns via programming mode.
  • Low profile, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Extruded aluminum chassis provides strength while also aiding in heat dissipation
  • UV infused, hard-coated lenses are ultra-resistant to yellowing / cracking caused by harsh weather / road conditions
  • Point to point wiring from I/O board to light modules allows for easy maintenance or reconfiguration
  • Water-tight design: Water ingress is thwarted via strategically positioned weep holes and lens gaskets
  • Standard Lengths: 40″”, 44”, 49”, 54”, 60″” TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS VARY BY SIZE / MODEL

Operating Voltage: 12VDC
Average Current:
44”: 16A @ 12.8VDC
49”: 16.7A @ 12.8VDC
54”: 17.4A @ 12.8VDC

Maximum Current:
44”: 32A @ 12.8VDC
49”: 33.4A @ 12.8VDC
54”: 34.8A @ 12.8VDC

Wires: Power Wire: 15’ (14AWG X 4 pcs)
Function Wire: 15’ (22AWG x 16 pcs)

Standard Lengths: 44”, 49” and 54”

Recommended Fuse: 40A

LED Current: 350mA

Available in: Single Color: Amber, Blue, Red, White
Dual Color: R/W, B/W, A/W, R/B, B/A, R/A

Warranty: 5 Years

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