• L013 Mini Falcon

L013 Mini Falcon


Product Number: L013


  • Exceptionally compact, bright & cost effective
  • Fluted / optical dome produces optimum output
  • Low power mode
  • Sync: Up to 20 units
  • Mounts: Permanent (2 Bolt Low Profile, Single Bolt Low Profile)
  • Colors: Amber, White, Amber / White (split)


  • Flash Patterns: 29
  • Input Voltage: 12~24Vdc
  • Current Draw: 1.66A @ 12Vdc / 0.83A @ 24Vdc
  • LED Count: 24
  • Dimensions: 9.88″L x 1.65″H x 6.69″D


  • 10 Con-Optic LED modules
  • Unique octagonal design produces true 360° output
  • Mounts: Magnetic, Vacuum Magnet, Permanent Mount (low-profile & high profile)
  • Magnet Mount versions come with a fused, dual-switch cigar plug

While on the subject of “small”, we’re proud to introduce our latest minibar option, the L13 Mini-Falcon. While the edges / lines aren’t as clearly defined and octagonal as the full size Falcon, this powerful new unit didn’t fall far from the tree. Instead of individual light modules wrapping around the diameter of the bar, we’ve put the LEDs on an oval ring inside the chassis. Combine this with the faceted dome and what you get is 100% contiguous output in all directions, no dead spots whatsoever! This unique design has allowed us to present this new minibar at a price most have to look twice at to believe. Better believe it, Brooking can always find the most cost effective path to an effective solution. Available in cigar plug w/ magnet mount, as well as permanent mount with hardwire / pigtail wiring set up.

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