Construction Vehicle LED Warning Lights

An unfortunate reality when it comes to your road construction crew is that everyone that passes by them sees them as a nuisance. The amber warning lights are blinding. The crew seems to be just standing around. The traffic is horrible. Why, oh why, did your crew have to fix the roads in this place … Read more

Wrecker and Tow Truck LED Warning Lights

As a professional wrecker or tow truck service, safety as you know is crucial. Overall safety protocol separates the professionals from their competitors. People depend on high-quality wrecking and towing services that well integrate and exceed safety standards. Going beyond the trust factor is crucial for any wrecker operator to establish within the client relationship. … Read more

Pilot Vehicle LED Warning Lights

Pilot Car - Escort Car - Emergency Vehicle LED Lighting - Amber - Brooking

Every day oversized loads travel across the highway, creating a potentially unsafe environment for motorists. The load they’re carrying is often large enough to reach over into more than one lane or far enough back that other motorists may not see it with enough time to react. These dangerous conditions can be mitigated by a … Read more

Snow Plow LED Warning Lights

Snow Plow LED Lighting - Amber - Brooking Industries

Living in a place where it snows can create significant safety hazards on the road and even make them impassable. These conditions are hazardous and can even be fatal if motorists try to make their daily commute before the roads are plowed. Elite drivers risk their lives all Winter to ensure that vehicles can safely … Read more