What is Criminality? Causes and Cures.

Fighting Crime - What Really Works - Brooking Industries

Crime is all around us. It happens all hours of the day and night, online, offline, in our homes, and in the streets. From street vendors to billion-dollar corporations, it happens at every level. It invades our government, starting in small towns and into global operations. No one is immune. In 1989, Hans J Eysenck … Read more

Is Pursuing A Career As A Sheriff Still Worth It?

There are many types of law enforcement careers. The office of county sheriff is slightly different from other leadership roles in the field of law enforcement. The scope of their jurisdiction is limited to the county where they serve. Most sheriffs work hand in hand with the public to develop community policing strategies designed for … Read more

The Top 5 Mysterious Police Cases That Are Still Unsolved

Unsolved murders have occurred all over the world. Steeped in intrigue, people have wondered and speculated about crimes like those of Jack the Ripper for over a hundred and fifty years or more. There are many that still remain unsolved across the United States. Even when the most advanced technology has been used in an … Read more

Approaches To Deconfliction – A Law Enforcement Guide

Intelligence-Led Policing

When you have multiple law enforcement agencies working independently of one another in a small, or even moderately sized, area, it is likely that there will eventually be a conflict. Event deconfliction is a way for law enforcement agencies to minimize their risk of jeopardizing a criminal investigation they have days, weeks, or even months … Read more

The Most Challenging Police Interview Questions

When you apply for a job in law enforcement, you will have to answer a long list of police interview questions. Many police behavioral questions are used to determine how you would potentially handle a difficult situation with a superior, co-worker, or family member. The questions used for each officer will be different. Some may … Read more

The Police Oath – Applying The Promise

Every government office and position of public service requires that the occupant take an oath of office. The oath may vary from office to office but is essentially the same in terms of the promise it contains. Accepting the job and taking the oath means that the person is committing themselves to a life of … Read more

Protect Your Career and Family | How To Deal With A Badge Bunny

Policemen and firemen both wear badges. They also have a very unique problem that can sometimes deeply affect their lives and have a negative impact on their families. Badge bunnies and beat wives are nothing new. They both target law enforcement officers and firemen because they are attracted to the lifestyle and notoriety that accompanies … Read more